Where are the "My Tracks"-tracks in the Recorded-list?

Started by franc, January 24, 2014, 15:26:09

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Quote from: menion on February 02, 2014, 17:32:24
...EDIT: btw. if you disable location by GPS and also by wi-fi/cell-id in your device!, then Locus should notify about this.
YES! I remember, because firstly I had this all disabled and got this light-blue notification by locus when starting, which is very helpful.
And this is why I had at least one point in my track without gps module active, because I had the wifi/gsm location NOT disabled. Locus got the location from there.

But this all is really straight forward in Locus, because if I manually disable GPS in settings (or shortcut) then I have to enable it again.
If I take off all fuel out of my car because I don't want to get it stolen, I don't need to wonder why my car doesn't drive, when I don't put it back when using the car.
GPS is essential for a maps-app like locus :)

Locus Pro - always the actual version on Xiaomi Mi A1 mit Android 9