How to download BRouter routing files

Started by jusc, January 02, 2014, 10:44:27

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Update from 26.01.2014
If you use the BRouter app ( There is a new version 0.98 ;) ) you have to download some routing (rd5) files too. And perhaps the new files for car routing.

Improvement and redesign of download tool for BRouter segment files

You want it a bit easier to download the BRouter files? :-)

Please read carefully.
For Windows users only.

At the moment there are: Batch scripts  for D-A-CH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), BE-NE-LUX (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg),
Czechia, France, Great Britain (incl. Ireland), Italy and Spain.

1. Download the attached file and copy it to your target directory, where you want to download later the BRouter files
2. Unzip the zip file
3. Open the command prompt and change to the directory where you unzipped the
4. Run Start.bat (this will download the two BRouter files for the isle Madeira AND CREATE (ADD) a subdirectory structure to your actually directory\brouter\segments2\carsubset
   You may see the download  progress and if you don´t want the to files. you may delete them, but leave the directories untouched!
5. NOW do not start any other batch script, if you have already downloades BRouter files before,
    copy your allready existing *.rd5 files to\brouter\segments2\ (not to carsubset!!!) and
    all existing *.cd5 files to\brouter\segments2\carsubset subdirectoriy

6. Now you can start with download your country with the included batch files.
    The BRouter files are only downloaded if the are newer than the files you copied before to the subdirectories.
   Vou may see the information while the batch is running.
7. Now you can copy the downloaded *.rd5 files to your BRouter/segments2 directory
    and the downloaded *.cd5 files to BRouter/segments2/carsubset directory at your phone
Let me know if it doesn´t work ;-)
Have fun

Regards J.


Your batch files references the wrong txt file names. Aside this, looks good. Thanks.


What a shame  :-[, Corrected in first post
Thank you for answer
Regards J.


Thanx mate. It works and saved me a lot of time.


Regards J.


Hello jusc,

Thank you for sharing the download scripts.
I've created 'Download-Japan.bat' and 'Japan.txt' for downloading BRouter routing files for Japan.

I've also created '' for downloading files in linux. This shell script accepts multiple *.txt files. For example to download CZ and D-A-CH routing files, follow the instruction from 1 to 3, then at 4, run shell script as follows.

./ Madeira.txt

Then, follow the instruction 5 and run shell script again as follows for the instruction 6.

./ CZ.txt D-A-CH.txt

Finally follow the instruction 7.


Hi jusc,
Thanks a lot for the these files!

Is there some easy info to find out which files are needed?
Like layer over Google Maps or OSM that shows a grid with the tiles info, or a list somewhere?

I would like to understand how you knew which files to select.


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In the play store version there is a map for that, precisely as you described. It worked for me like a charm.