[APP] - version 1.0.x

Started by Menion, March 17, 2011, 19:57:37

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Two versions of locus instaled bring this unwanted behaviour:
Click on cache on map->Display info about choosen cache->click on compass icon on the botton ->popup offeres to use Locus Free or Pro. I don't see any reason for this - why change app. ? Anyway if same app is choosen as we used before new icon apprears next the original (geocache) icon. Certainly unwanted
Tested in 1.0.0
I was geocaching this morning and no other problems spoted

Edit: He is right about GPS indicator in Pro version - always on. Free works fine


Sorry za češtinu, ale v angličtině bych nezvládl napsat. Mám též problém s offline mapami. Pokud jsou zvolené je to v pořádku, ale jakmile zvolím online mapu a chci přepnout zpět na offline mapu chybí u ní ikona a nejde zvolit. Musím vypnout zapnout Locus ikona se u offline mapy objeví a už přepnout jde. Jakmile se ale zvolí tedy zvolí, zmizí opět ikona u mapy a vše zase dokola.
backup BackuP BACKUP


After map inicialization everything's ok.
But GPS inicator still visible ;)


God, i had 5 sudden phone restarts after todays update on my desire, any idea?