rmap/sqlite maps on PC

Started by locuscycling, November 19, 2013, 19:15:26

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I have made few big (ca 1gb) maps (rmap/sqlite format) in Mobile Atlas Creator and wanted to see this maps on my Deskop ( or Laptop) is it possible?
I spent some time but was not able to find a software which can read this rmap/squlite format on PC.

I know, Locus read big maps but the problem is that my MICRO SD (32 gb) is almost full and every time  to try new created map i have to deleted something from the Card.

(Before, I used all maps in TwoNav Rmap (is it possible to open this format  via CompeGpsLand)  format ,but now I  wanted to work with MIXMAP option in Locus, i like this.


Those maps are small  ;D (all my offline maps are over 3gig each up to 3.5gig)
If you need more space on your SD card, delete stuff or buy a new card......(not sure what else you can do)

Ive not tried viewing my maps on my computer apart from using MOBAC


And Locus read easilly maps 3,5 gb???

I created  maps in Mobac in zoom 15 ( for ex. French Mountains have  ca. 8 gb divided for 4 regions Alps, Pireneos,Jura and  Massif Central  and every  region contain  3- 4 maps ca. 800 mb,each , Spain it is ca. 6 gb  Austria , Italy ...etc.)

It is not a problem with SD CARD , I just want to see this squlite maps on PC but don't know if it is possible.
Unfortunatelly i don't have Tablet with 10 '' screen and Android  where i can probobly install Locus.


Yeah sofar no issue loading larger size maps for me at least
This is my biggest one:

I hope you find a answer to your question about how to load up the maps you downloaded


MAPC2MAPC will allow you to browse, draw tracks or extract pieces from sqlitedb maps.

The latest version will also create RMAP files


Hello !
The only software I know abble to read such type of map is "Trekbuddy map maker".
I have use it with map with one level only. No zoom : if the size is too big, not so easy to show the all surface !


You can use OkMap Dekstop to load both RMap and MBTiles maps.