Allow new track navigation while recording

Started by matmas, November 06, 2013, 19:19:18

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Hi all.
I'm asking this because I set up multiple tracks before my ride and I follow them with the navigation, choosing between them depending on the time, the weather, the kids crying at home ..  ;)

Now I have to cancel navigation, stop recording, save,  type the name, choose the new route, start navigation, start recording again.

It's not the biggest pain in the world, but I think it would be simpler just cancel navigation, choose new route, start navigation. Four step less ! 8)

Is there a technical reason for the actual behaviour? I don't see any problem in letting the user change navigation while recording, since you can already navigate to a waypoint while recording.

thank you


Hello matmas,
  I'm not sure I understand.

  You can't use navigation and track record together? Or you cannot change navigation from one track to another? I am testing both situations now, and both are possible
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oh no!!!
you are right
I had only to dismiss the sort of dialog box

Thank you for your help