Version 2.17.0 Locus folder on external memory card not detected

Started by dreamteam, November 01, 2013, 19:26:51

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after update to 2.17.0  locus does not find the locus folder on the external card any more.

Galaxy Note 2 device.

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PS: If possible please advice quickly because I am starting traveling this weekend and downloaded all neccessary offline maps already


ok - I guess I found the problem - I think this happened already in the past:

For some reason locus created another folder on the internal memory card and ignored therefore the locus folder on the external one. As far as I remember this happend in the past allready and than a version had a "warning meassage" that 2 locus folder were found during startup. But this warning meassage was removed in a later version.

Anyhow I deleted the locus folder on the internal memory card and than locus recognized the right folder on the external sd card again.

I think I would feel better if you would re-add the function that ALL memory locations are scanned for a locus folder and if there are more than 1 than a meassage is poping up.

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1. it's really not necessary to public topic on both (GetSatifaction and here) sites
2. good you found a solution
3. I aware remaining problem like this, so I'll try to next bigger 2.18.0 version do some startup screen that will solve this. I have already something in my mind anyway for now ... sorry
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