how to clean the screen up in navigation

Started by prawns, October 29, 2013, 02:52:53

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Gday, I noticed a bit of a annoyance while 4wding and using navigation

The screen for the map gets real small due to all the stuff on the screen. I want to turn off stuff which is circled in red here

to regain more screen real estate so I can actually see the map - Perhaps Im missing a option? or perhaps you can add "none" to the drop down list so I can remove the grey bars so I can have more map show?  Im happy with just the arrow on the left thats enough for me (the one that says "30" in my screenshot)

I realise I could turn my phone to portrait mode to regain more of the map showing, but I cant do this as Im also video recording and taking photos while the phone is mounted in landscape mode on my windscreen, and sometimes I need the map more as i divert up tracks which dont exist for navigation so Im really needing a bigger map while driving, I dont need all the extra info

Perhaps I missed a option to turn all that stuff off somewhere?

Thanks mate :)

PS your app did really well on my last weekend away while offroad bush bashing :)  Im VERY impressed


Hi Prawns,
currently there is no option to disable the circled stuff.
But what I did is to (auto-)hide the bars at top, bottom, right. This should already give you a lot more space without any changes to Locus needed.


Cheers mate, that helps get a bit more display back (I also turned off the system panel)