Loading kmz file makes copies of images in Locus/data/import

Started by ta-ka, October 17, 2013, 16:35:43

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I have one question about kmz file loading without importing.

The method of loading kmz file that Petr explaind at "https://getsatisfaction.com/locus/topics/kmz_open_problem" works very well. The images in the kmz file are nicely overlaid on the map. However, Locus creates a sub-folder under Locus/data/import and copies the images there even without calling Import function. Is this an expected behavier?


yes it is ... Locus copy files for fast access into this directory. As I think about it, better should be probably place it into cache, rather then data. Anyway point is probably clear. Access images directly from zip file is quite slow and this method allow to make it much much faster
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Thank you for the explanation.
I understood that Locus creates the folder as designed for the fast access.

Then, I think, if a kmz file is deleted from Data Manager,
it is better to remove corresponding folder as well from Locus/data/import.

Btw, enjoy your holidays :)