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Started by Paul Keizer, October 15, 2013, 13:11:12

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Paul Keizer

I made a dashboard for cycling (portrait).
Left lower corner: Speed; actual time
Right lower corner (works only when tracking): Average speed; distance
Left upper corner (works only when track guiding is on): Time to go
Right upper corner (works only when track guiding is on): Distance from start of (guiding) track

Lower middle, I would like to have a zoom level indicator, since the zoom lavel as displayed on the map is too small to read for me, when cycling.
Upper middle, I would like to have the battery indicator. On my Galaxy Note, it displays 0%, no matter my battery.

Who can help me?



Zoom level indicator – there is no option for indication of zoom level at this moment.
Battery – until the last official release (2.16.0) is this value used only for indication external sensors/devices. For this reason you can see only the zero value. Next version of Locus will contain dashboard field for Battery level of device itself.
See https://getsatisfaction.com/locus/topics/dashboard-1dyqta


there will be also a zoom level value :-) all is possible to test in latest test version

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