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Started by prawns, October 11, 2013, 05:07:09

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When I add photos to my locus map ( by clicking on the magnifying glass, and importing localised photos)
they show on the map fine like so:

but If I click on the photo - this comes up, and I cant click anywhere to make the photo fullscreen?

Is it possible to make these kinds of imported localised photos on the map clickable so I can view the photo fullscreen?

If I have a normal style of point, I can edit that to add photos, and I can click the photos to make them open fullscreen, but I cant seem to do it by using the "import localised photo" style way of things

This way I can view fullscreen photos: (but they dont show on the map as a thumbnail)

Maybe Im missing somthing - its not a huge issue though at all - Im still being blown away by how much this great little app can do :)


After importing some more photos using the localized photo option the new ones are actually Clickable to make them fullscreen. I might just reimport all the photos as somthing went amis the first time I think with some of them ( I had been playing around I must of clicked somthing it didn't like on some photos in not sure why some won't open ) sorry for the hassle

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weird that this even happen. When you display "localized" photo, photos should be attached to description as you see after second import. If you'll able to simulate this problem, write me please step by step, what to do and I'll fix it
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Yeah no worries mate, If I hit the issue again I'll let you know what I did for it to happen :)

I ended up deleting the "localised photo" folder, and reimported the photos using the "localised" option again into a newly created folder.

Seems to have fixed the whole issue - heres the same photo from above which I couldnt click on before - after reimporting it, I can click on it ok and load a fullscreen photo no problem :)

Ive been playing with so many options lately I have no idea how I hit the issue to be honest hahahahha, maybe it wont happen again now Im getting more confident using locus :)  (the more I play the more I love this app)