Paragraphs in descriptions for "points"

Started by prawns, October 11, 2013, 04:07:44

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I like adding some background information to some of my "points" in the editing side of things

like so:

but when I click the point on the map to bring the information up like so:

It shows like this instead which is kind of hard to read

Just wondering if there is a work around to force a "hard break" or paragraph so it shows with the paragraphs still intact

Its not a big issue for me at all, but perhaps a future update might address it at some stage if possible, just to make it a bit easier to read large blocks of text :)


Figured out how to force paragraphs -

When typing it all out and deciding you want a paragraph, insert this:

<br> <br>

and then just keep typing That will force a paragraph :)

for example

"the quick brown fox<br><br>jumps over the lazy dog"

will show as:

The quick brown fox

jumps over the lazy dog


fine :)

formatting texts in locus is little bit complicated, as you need to use HTML tags. On second side, if you export such points out of locus, description remain formatted (for example when display in google earth etc)
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Good to know it supports HTML tags (I think I can remember some of the tags from when i built basic webpages manually using notepad long ago)

thanks mate :)


Just a FYI for people

If you add a point, then add a description and you want paragraphs - all you have to do is hit the enter key, you dont need to use the <br> command at all


If you "attach" a photo to a point - it destroys all formatting, and then the <br> commands are required