Locus Map User Manual Download?

Started by Scoutpro, October 10, 2013, 21:52:02

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The User manual is great at the Locus site, but I need the manual on my Tablet in the field; I am a Newbie here and have no clue whether this issue has discussed yet, but is there a PDF, Doc, etc of the Locus map User Manual??


Im interested in a offline version of the manual also if there is one.

My locus mainly gets used out camping - and I own a 4wd so I camp in the middle of nowhere in the australian bush to get away from everybody else hahahaha

Unfortunatly theres no mobile signals "outback" just ticks, leeches, snakes and dropbears hahahha (dropbears=koala)


One way could be to use an offline download tool at the home pc and copy that bunch to the mobile device.
Or use android app for offlinereading (adjust how deep links to follow):


thanks druki, that android app looks like a easy way to do it, thanks for the heads up :)

edit> that app works a treat and is dead easy to use - set it for x2 links deep and it seems to get everything required :)

ends up being about 40meg