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Started by gynta, August 29, 2013, 20:45:10

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FEEL FREE TO post your TEST right here....

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Speaking to Times Now, McGrath said that c  oming back in 

a young side will be                      difficult for Zaheer, who has returned from a fitness-training stint in France. "Za
                 heer has to get honest with himself. He has to work hard and keep wickets for return," said McGrath.

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Zaheer was dropped from the Test team in December last year, during the home series against England that India lost. His last limited-overs international was in October 2012.

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McGrath also said that it's good to coach a player like Virender Sehwag and he will provide all ne
cessary help to the Delhi batsman in regaining his lost form. "It's great that Viru
has come to MRF foundation. Where else can you face such a quality bowling. Facilities here are second to none. It's great opportunity for any batsman to train under quality pace attack, said McGrath.

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tures of Katrina's beach holiday with Ranbir Kapoor were splashed across newspapers, Deepika decided to give her rival some very public advice during a press conference.

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"It has never happened to me. I believe if you are a celebrity or

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A friend of Deepika spoke to TOI on the condition of anonymity about the bad blood between the two beauties, "Katrina has sent out a loud and clear messaard down."

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