Dashboard improvements (planned)

Started by Menion, August 28, 2013, 10:38:04

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I've just created to a post on the "help - share idea" section : http://help.locusmap.eu/topic/more-dasboard-buttons

I'd love to see buttons for :
- Zoom in and out
- Quick Add-waypoint (adds a waypoint at current location without additional dialog - Should allow to specify folder and icon somewhere. Waypoint would be named by date and time. [Note that this is different from the existing Add-waypoint-on-track].
- Full screen on/off
- Buttons panels on/off -> On: make the panels to appear without timeout. Off: restore timeout if previously set.


Danjel Rojka

reorganize the existent Dashboards to standardized Look and Feel for various type of Sport.
That would be very nice.

Then everyone can use the predefined Dashboards without any Modification.


The existent Dashboards was a little bit unsorted. Its better than you have a part of nice Dashboards to Use it.


Georg D

Please make all panel buttons available as controls in dashboard editor so the GUI can be massively & freely adapted to each single users individual needs: Different screen sizes and proportions, different phone holders overlapping different parts of the screen, different text & button sizes from tiny to huge (gloves or strong vibrations like on a dirt bike), different layouts for different contexts/uses, different colors & icons for different lighting conditions and tastes,... More details in https://help.locusmap.eu/topic/28029-v4-gui-improvement-by-offering-more-freedom-of-panel-placement

That customization option would satify more users needs and allows to remove some UI settings, reducing app complexity.


Quote from: Georg D on December 28, 2022, 13:27:49That customization option would satify more users needs and allows to remove some UI settings, reducing app complexity.
I agree, as much as possible should be available as Dashboard elements.
Random thoughts: a) If a user cannot handle Locus complexity, he won't be able to create a dashboard. b) You can hide complexity, but it's still there and always strikes back. c) omg, they want to port Locus to Apple. For its 3 power users maybe.
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