[CURSORS] Red and blue variants of the standard cursors

Started by robogus, August 27, 2013, 19:25:36

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Here's some bright red and blue variants i made of the standard cursors in Locus (i hope that's alright with the authors, thanks!) I needed other colours to contrast my Eniro scandinavian maps, and the blue one works really fine. You have to rename and zip the ones you need to the right formats. I use the blue arrow as navigation cursor as well...




no problems from authors size, till resources will be used again for locus ;)
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I woould try it... but where I have to unzip the download ?
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Quote from: Christian on June 29, 2014, 12:53:37
only the gfx are inside this zip.

you have to copy your choice inside a zip (described in first post)