TTS with Ivona does not work

Started by brotbuexe, August 09, 2013, 17:41:40

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I tried to use Ivona as TTS voice for guiding but I have problems on my device.
I can set it up in settings but then it does get broken somehow.
The device is a Defy with CM10, its a little slow with Locus.
I can set it up in global and guiding / notification settings


It does work for one or two minutes. I hear one or two guiding informations. Then nothing more.
When I open the settings I get this:


First I had three languages en-uk, en-us and de-de. I already uninstalled Ivona and all languages and only installed en-us.
No change. Pico works, google tts is not installed. My other devices works with Ivona.
I can click check data and select Ivona, then all starts over again, it does work only for short time.

Any ideas? It don't need it that often...


Sometimes it works after two or more attempts - but it works here.

pico? oh thats history.. isn't it?