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Started by pardus116, July 14, 2013, 11:24:19

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Hromadné převedení kalibrovaných mapových listů  (*.jpg + *.map) do Mobacu

v menu chose edit - Preferences - General Preferences

Zatrhni ,,Crop 4 calibration point when loading"
(ořezává bílý okraj map )

použij:  Batchbuilder

        1 chose files to process
Jdi do zdrojového adresáře a klikni na libovolný  .map soubor a pokračuj open.
   2 Specify Presesing

Pokračuj dle obrázku
    3 Write....

Vytvoř mapový zdroj pro MOBAC
Di do MOBAC mapsource Directory a vytvoř nový  soubor .xml
Pohlídej si řádky s názvem a cestou:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

Example custom map definition that uses an existing OSMTracker atlas.
Atlases that very similar to OSMTracker like AndNav, BackCountry Navigator,
Maverick and OSMAND are also supported.

Quad-key based map sources as they are created by MapCruncher are also supported.
They can be selected via <sourceType> entry.  

Supported file formats are PNG, JPG and GIF files.  

This file work with MOBAC 1.9.3 and higher


<!-- Map source name as it appears in the map sources list. -->

 Source type specifies the directory structure and file name
 inside the zip files (since MOBAC 1.9.3).
 Possible values: DIR_ZOOM_X_Y, DIR_ZOOM_Y_X or QUADKEY
 DIR_ZOOM_X_Y: directory structure "zoom/x/y.png"
  Other file extensions like "jpg", "gif" or "png.andnav2", "jpg.xyz"
   are also supported.  
 DIR_ZOOM_Y_X: directory structure "zoom/y/x.png" "zoom/y/x.jpg"
  Other file extensions like "jpg", "gif" or "png.andnav2", "jpg.xyz"
   are also supported.  
 QUADKEY: plain files with quad-key file name with extension:
   regular expression for the file name: [0123]+.(png|gif|jpg)

 Directory in which the existing atlas is located.
 The inner directory structure and file names are depending on the sourceType.

Optional: supported since MOBAC 1.9.2
If set to true it inverts the y coordinate so that it starts south (min=0) and increases
towards north (max=2^zoom -1)
If not set or false default scheme is used: start north and increase towards south