Change data/hide-show icons to a checkbox

Started by zsero, July 12, 2013, 04:32:42

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The new quick-hide-category feature is really good, however:
Using the old icons just doesn't make sense.
1. in the points tab, all icons are points => no information
2. in the tracks tab, all icons are tracks => no information
3. in both cases, toggling visibility for individual items is by a blue checkbox (perfect)
4. you have to use this special hyperdrive dimension-jumping animation just to explain that this icon actually means a checkbox

=> please change the icon it to the same blue checkbox icon like for individual items, 4 points solved, no need for help explanation


hi zsero, fine I have no problem with it, but where should I place icon itself?
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Just in place of the 'i' and 'zigzag'. I think icons on the left side make sense.

Actually, I think the individual items menu is even more confusing, because of the schizophrenia of the checkbox:

Now checkbox is used for:
1. 'visibility'
2. 'multiple selection before operation'

So for 'visibility' I'd actually recommend using an eye instead of a checkbox both for individual items and categories. This would be in line with how it's been used on other software like Photoshop or After Effects. I think a light grey eye or an empty box would work well for the invisible state.

OK, actually I think the best solution would be this:
1. For categories:
'eye' - name - counter - setup
2. For point:
'eye' - icon - name - setup
3. For track:
'eye' - style - name - setup

It would solve multiple problems:
1. Checkbox isn't obvious for 'visibility'. Checkbox means 'select items before an operation' for me. An eye would be better and in line with other software, like Photoshop or After Effects
2. There would be a direct way to do commands on individual items, for example export and delete. Now if you want to export and delete, you have to click in item, wait for statistics to be calculated, look for setup button in new window, select export, click ok in new window, select delete, click ok in new window. It would be at least slightly faster with a direct menu.
3. Zigzag doesn't mean anything for a track, since all of them are zigzags. A box of the given color would be more meaningful. Or in a super special edition, a line showing the appearance, like dotted blue. But it might be hard to implement.

On the other hand, multiple selection is needed to be solved somehow, maybe there need to be a checkbox for this?

+1 Alternatively, in the future, why not just move the two screens to one, super clean and functional, a la Photoshop?