TTS unsatisfactory

Started by Hadubrand, July 11, 2013, 18:18:29

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During hiking and cycling i want to be guided along a track. In this case it is not very practical to look permanently resp. very often at the screen. Therefore I tried to use TTS. It works fine if the the waypoints of the track are relatively far away from another (more than 100 meters) and if a waypoint requires a 90 deg turn. It often doesn't work correctly if the way requires a zic-zac (e.g. 1st right, the left). In this case the initial turn may be not announced or the 2nd command may be missing.

Another observation: If you leave the guided track and follow another way which leads finally back to the track, TTS doesn't give an alert if you approach the track again, even if you cross the track you get no alert to turn.

Did I make something wrong? If not, what is the reason for this behaviour? Can it be changed?



The observed behaviour is well known and was reported more than once, please see e.g. the comment of user 0709 here ... directions.