Where do I get the best Topo map from the USA?

Started by Ivo Nörenberg, June 21, 2013, 19:38:36

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Ivo Nörenberg

Where can I download the best Topo map from the USA and Canada? Are there also Vector Maps?
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Hi ivolino, I think there is no "best".
For vector maps I already gave an answer here viewtopic.php?f=10&t=3166&sid=3f06babbe7d52bc7d9f84814de6bb301#p21552


Hi Ivolino,
Some additional info: vector maps for USA and Canada are downloadable via Locus store.
http://docs.locusmap.eu/doku.php/manual ... ps_offline
From online maps you can try 4UMaps.  This maps is also possible to download for offline usage:

Ivo Nörenberg

Ich habe mir das mal angeschaut. Welches Thema muß ich den Downloaden um möglichst viel zu sehen? Ich möchte eine Topo Karten Ansicht zum Wandern in den Bergen haben. Heißt das, daß jede Karte die ich downloade auch eine Topo Karte ist, je nach dem welches Thema ich benutze?
Für ein Gebiet in Nord Kanada gibt es bei Openstreetmap keine Daten, nur bei Mapnik und Google Map habe ich Topo Daten von dem Gebiet gefunden.
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First Step:
 Download "your" vector maps and try out different themes.
 The best theme is ... ... your choice!

If the OSM project has not enough details for you -> so vector maps are also the wrong choice.
because vectormaps are based on OSM sata...

You have to make a compromise.
Which areas do you really need in high level details?

 USA AND Canada are HUGE -> You can never store all TOPO(!) maps with best zoom level.

Ivo Nörenberg

I need an area in the state Nunavut in Canada. I want to have a map of the Queen Moud Gulf Bird Sactuary.
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Have a look here...
Search before posting!!!
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Ivo Nörenberg

Sorry the question was more where to get Topo Maps from North Canada, Nunavit area. At least when I look to the OSM webpage the map from this area looks very poor. There is almost nothing. Google maps looks much better.
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Topographic maps of the USA and the entire world are available here: topographic maps


nice advertisement gvk.

May you at least write us what is usable on this site for Locus? As I see for example for Czech Republic, there are just two maps where both are common Google Maps covered by hypsometric altitude map. This is probably not topo-map as Locus users expect.
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