Screen lock, dimming, waking up from screentouch

Started by barbudor, June 09, 2013, 18:17:14

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Yes I know, but my hope is, that a dimmed display is not turned off and the pressure sensor doesn´t go to sleep, because the display is only unvisible dark but not off. :mrgreen:
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Personally I don't care about dimmed screen. Off is much better in my opinion, and whatever in sun light dimmed screen is as black as off (unreadable).

The problem is to be able to wake up the screen just by pressing the touch screen without any hardware button because on mountain bike, my tablet is in a waterproof box which prevent me to access the power button on the side of the device.

So any solution :
- which switch off the back light for maximum saving
- which allow me to wake up the backlight just by touching the screen
- prevent the lock to occur (the option in Locus is inefficient on my GyTab2) so I can switch to another app without quittng Locus
would be perfect.

As of today, "Screen ON" and "Wakey Premium" are the closest solutions which dims the backlight (does not switch it off) and solve the other points.
Wakey Premium as the advantage over Screen ON :
- to support landscape mode
- no to quit each time I disable the "keep-awake" mode (Screen ON need to be restarted each time)
But the so called "AutoWake" which is supposed to automatically enable the keep-awake mode by identifying the app does not work (at least for Locus).


You should try ... toscreenon.
With proximity sensor you just have to touch the sensor area to wake the device.

You can set a timeout when the screen should go off again when nothing was touched.
You can set double touch to wake.

For hiking you could try using the gsensor instead of the proximity, if proximity wakes the device when you not using it.
(Because he uses the accelerometer, it should also be possible to add a feature which wakes the device by holding position...)


thanks,  I'll give it a try

"Your device does not have a proximity sensor"
 :o  :evil:


Quote from: "barbudor"thanks,  I'll give it a try

"Your device does not have a proximity sensor"
 :o  :evil:
The actual reason for a proximity sensor is to switch screen off/on when phone is approaching the ear, I guess. So, why should a tablet have one?