Process unsuccessful when restarting unfinished track

Started by auric, March 11, 2011, 10:14:46

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Version: 0.9.27 ME

Yesterday, the track record (continually during the day) went just fine: the entire recording was successful.
When I came home, I paused recording and left it that way till this morning. Locus was moved out of the memory, so it had to be started again. When hitting record, it didn't remember that the track was paused, while the notification icon was still there. I restarted recording, got the message "unfinished track detected" and clicked OK to continue. When I arrived at my destination, I hit stop recording and got a Toast message that said something like "Process unsuccessful, Please restart downloading [...]" (it was a little to fast gone to remember the entire message)
I guess "downloading" should be "recording" in this case.

I restarted recording, the "unfinished track" message appeared again so I clicked "ok" and continued recording. When stopped, the track was saved. However, the track data between my first "continue recording" and my arrival at my destination is lost. The track does contain:
- The entire recording of yesterday
- The couple of seconds at my destination of today

Thus, I lost the data from home to my destination of today.

How to reproduce:
  • Start track recording
  • Pause track recording
  • Kill Locus (manually, using a task manager)
  • Start Locus
  • Start track recording, answer "ok" for the "unfinished track detected" dialog
  • Stop recording. Toast message appears
  • Restart recording, answer OK for  the "unfinished track detected" dialog
  • Stop recording. Recording is saved.
The data recorded between step 5 and 6 is lost.

Also keep the recording state in the service. When Locus is killed and restarted, read the recording state when the user hits the Recording functionality, thus presenting him/her a recording state there where he/she left it. I think implementing this will cause the "unfinished track detected" dialog disappear since you know the last recording state (probably "paused", but I guess it can be "recording" as well when Locus the app is killed while the service is still running - didn't try that one yet) and you know that the user wants to resume it when he/she hits "record" or he/she wants to finish it when he/she hits "stop", which will deprecate the dialog.
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Works since version 0.9.28!
I did notice a problem while recording, returning to Locus and recording was paused by doing that, don't know how to reproduce and I didn't have that problem afterwards.
So until further notice, this problem is solved :)
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