Can't find maps

Started by bbairagee, May 27, 2013, 02:27:38

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Yesterday after updating to the latest version I don't see some maps from quick view. I have total 44 map files from different countries. Once I clicked on map> personal, I usually found all of maps listing there alphabetically as well as added extra map folders. It was really very easy for me to switch over any maps. But now it only shows list of last used 2 maps and lists of nearest 10 maps. Rest of the maps files are  hidden. S0 can't not switch over them. So I need some help to find my full list of maps in one place so that I can switch over easily among the maps. Thanks.


  please check in you "personal" tab, top "Sort by" button. Maybe you have there "Smart choice" that show you now empty list (I needed to remove cached number of usages due to some problem)
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Yes, You are right. Got it okay. Thanks