Google play crashes on payment processing

Started by lastlich, May 22, 2013, 19:57:30

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Good evening,

I just tried to buy vector maps credit and just after payment Google play crashed (Aplikace Google Play přestala pracovat)
however the transaction was done (i have received a confirmation email) and i can provide the payment ID.

Thank you for your time

//edit: just to clarify I tryied it twice and both times with the same results


So you got your notification email for purchasing credits on vector maps.
Did you receive any credits for vector maps?
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Unfortunately no :-(


Please contact Menion ->">
Tell him this problem and don't forget to write your google-play account email address.
I think he has a satisfactory solution for this situation.  ;)


Email sent, fingers crossed now I'll just have to wait. Thank you for your help :-)


thanks guys. Support over email in these (payments) cases is best. Hanka will take care of it.

Anyway if you saw "Aplikace Google Play přestala pracovat" then it's a problem, not in Locus. Anyway don't worry. We are always able to return money if there is any problem on our or opposite side ...
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