Crash after uninstall-reinstall

Started by Hans, November 13, 2010, 06:38:33

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Great app!  I'd be happy to help out with translation to Swedish language if you want. Also got some feedback on the UI.

2 questions:

1. There seems to be a problem when uninstalling/reinstalling. I started some large dls of maps and eventually decided to do it from my pc instead. So I went back to the sd card and removed all data in cache and maps to free up space on the sd-card. To be certain I didn't delete any system files, I uninstalled/reinstalled the app.

After having dl the maps using MOBAC and placing them on the sdcard as per your instructions here


the program crashes whenever I use the "maps" button "The process was stopped......try again" (rough translation from Swedish).

2. Why do I have to enter my phone number to be able to post here?

Best regards Hans


Hi Hans,
 - with Swedish translation - I'm not using typical language style of Android application, but I'm using my own. So i'll try to create something more comfortable for external translation and let you know ... thanks

 - crash: it was wrong version i thing, try new version that I posted on market today morning. This problem should be solved. If not, in "log" directory should be file with log crash message so sent me it on email

 - phone number? hope not, have to check, I really do not need your phone number :)

  nice weekend

EDIT: ah, I see it, it is not phone number but phone type. I just wanted to know what phone are you using, because of some bug reports. Text changed to be more specific. Thx
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