Problem with compass screen?

Started by lml, April 22, 2013, 09:55:25

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There seems to be some problem with the compass screen used in combination with track recording in the latest version (2.10.2).

I use Locus as my primary geocaching app and often turn track recording on while geocaching to be able to contribute paths etc. to openstreetmap.

With the current version the GPS-position "freezes" at the point were I turn on the compass to guide me when I'm approaching a geocache. Even that I'm moving closer to the cache, the compass shows "xxx meters left" where xxx is the distance left when I turned on the compass. The track recording also freezes at the same GPS-position. The compass also seems a lot more unstable than in the previous versions, even with filtering turned on.

When I was caching yesterday I had to stop using the compass and navigate to the cache only by the map.

I haven't been an active geocacher during the winter so I'm not sure exactly in which version the problem was introduced, but the first time I noticed that something wasn't working as usual was when I found a cache 2013-03-29. I usually update Locus immediately when there is a new release available at Google Play.