Locus pro crashes at startup on Galaxy ACE

Started by barbudor, April 20, 2013, 10:48:05

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I know someone who installes Locus on its Galaxy Ace.
the free version was ok, but since he purchased the pro version he is facing this issue.
Every time he starts Locus Pro, it abruptly close with a message that in english would be :
Quote"Locus Pro application suddenly closed (processus Please retry"
Then he has to go to application parameters and move the app to SD, then relaunch and it works.

Apparently he has to do this every time, just like if Locus Pro was moving back itself to internal memory.

I am still trying to qualify with him the exact sequence of operations, but anyone has an idea in the meantime that would be appreciated.

He is suspecting an installation process but we are unsure what happens if we uninstall a purchased application. Can we reinstall it after on the same unit without having to pay again ?



Bought in Google Playstore? Definitely possible to reinstall when using the account where it was purchased.
Other store? Should be possible but I have no experience.


if you purchased Locus on Google Play or AndroidPIT, then no worry, you (or he) may reinstall as you wants.

To problem - there is a need for log with error to find a problem. For this is best use CatLog program - description is here, simple log is enough ... simple_log

thanks and sorry for a troubles. I'm sure we'll solve it
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