Track export problem

Started by locuscycling, March 30, 2013, 21:22:33

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Some problems with track export.

When i did nothink just press OK after stop recording track. Then in folder ,,export'' i get -see enclose 1 ( no heart rate was recorded i dont know why)

Then i opened this same track in Locus end exported second  time ,change name and ...I get right file with heart rate   see enclose 2.

It was my mistake or Locus mistake???

( In one moment during recording after saving Photo Locus stops


  for this I have maybe explanation ... are you using latest Locus 2.10.2?

Because as I see in your enclose 1, you used automatic export after track record and you have enabled "Compatible with Garmin!". This settings in all versions before 2.10.2 caused that Locus do not exported also these values to GPX files. When you then exported track manually, all worked fine because you do not had enabled this "Compatible with Garmin" button, am I right?

btw. "eksport" is really nice word ;)
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You are completely right Menion.
Thanks, now i understand.

I had ,, Compatible with Garmin'' - Say a true i don't know why i enabled this( i don't have any Garmin). Probobly i had a problem to open recorded gpx file  in Tcx Converter and wanted to try this setting. Of course i didn't know about this ,,Trick'' you wrote.

My version was 2.10.1 .