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Started by radobyl, March 29, 2013, 09:59:23

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As i am a great fan of czech mapstyle (shocart, smartmaps, mtb cz), which all cover at least a part of the region i live (near Dresden), i am very excited about the new project These maps are excellent! And this is pure understatement. It is the first OSM based map with a reasonable and goodlooking representation of rocks (saxon / bohemian switzerland is nearly invisible on most OSM maps).
Unfortunately, the limit of 500 tiles a day prevents it to be my new standard map.
It would be great, if you could offer a solution to buy tiles (like cycle map or vector maps). Sure, this would as well help the authors of this great project.


I also think a reasonable fee for downloading more tiles would bee good -- both to users and the author.

A little offtopic: How difficult, or if even possible, is to take a style of this render (it is for mapnik, I think) and transform it to a MapsForge style to use it together with vector maps in Locus?


Sherman, we're currently working on better system for Locus store. Now it's really pain in ass to add something to store. So we're working on new system that will allow simply place something there without too much work not just for us, but also for others. Long talk short - it's not possible now, but it will be when we rewrote server part (it's work in progress).

About style - I have no idea :)
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