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Started by peteretc, March 27, 2013, 07:46:32

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I wonder whether there is any way how to import a list of POI in .csv format into Locus?

Name, Latitude, Longitude, Description
Táborisko,50.122070829,12.525476217,táborisko U Piráta vpravo

Thank you.


A way which is maybe not for beginners but possible (practise by viwing an exported gpx of an poi):
- on a pc import the csv into excel
- create a formula with chaining (in german: verketten) the needed code for a waypoint in gpx and implementing the variables from the csv (see practising above)
- add gpx header and footer, save the row (copx&paste in new text file, save as gpx) so you have an valid gpx file
- validate the file with an xml editor (or Notepad++ with Plugin "XML Tools" - check for errors)
- import into Locus