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Started by ht81, March 24, 2013, 08:00:59

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i have download some spolier pictures with the integrated GCofflizer function. All work perfectly, but the downloaded spoiler a very big. It is only possible to zoom in but no way to some more out. It would be nice when the picture is shrink / scaled to a size that fit the display screen. I hope you understand what i mean


Before 2.10.0 there was possibility to zoom out images list, but in 2.10.0 something changes - text are always sized to page, but no more zoom out images.


topic also discuss (and solved) on getsatisfaction here https://getsatisfaction.com/locus/topics/spoiler_size . Btw. Thomas, please I think that topic on one site is good enough. I know it's little bit confusing that exists this forum and getsatisfaction. I usually prefer GS for all ideas and some common and serious problems. This forum is useful mainly to watch progress, to discuss about some ideas where you're not sure if all people will like it, to share knowledge etc. So topic that are, let's say "advanced".

It's mainly suggestion to save me and you some time, by reading and posting on two places. And others too. Thanks
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