track color and nexus 7

Started by HTWB, March 18, 2013, 00:38:05

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Unable to change track color or width on my nexus 7. Can only get a thin blue line despite
setting it to red. Am I doing something wrong or is there a problem with tablet?


hmm, I need some more information for this ...

- what Locus version are you using (because in testing version are some changes so I want to be sure about what version we talk)
- which track color you want to change? Track displayed only by data > items tab, or seriously imported into database or just import > only display?
- Official help (ideas, questions, problems):
- Advanced topics, sharing of knowledges: you're here!
- LM 4 Beta download, LM 4 Release download


Am using version 2.9.2.
Problem occurs with
Recorded tracks      track recording / track colours

Imported tracks      miscellaneous /data import/track colours



Oh   same problem on my galaxy s2.  Only thin blue line.