Amazing app!

Started by marlar, March 07, 2011, 21:26:38

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Hi Menion,

After trying several offroad map applications for Android I recently bought Maverick Pro because I liked that one most. In my opinion, the competitors were not even close to Maverick.

Well, that was before I discovered Locus! I found it 2 days ago and I must say that I am impressed!

Your app is truly amazing. I am not sure it is actually better than Maverick, but it is certainly equally good. And moreover, with the speed of development and great support it will surely get better than Maverick within very short time.

I also find it interesting for other reasons. I am just beginning developing for Android and I am constantly looking for great UI's to get inspired from. And I really like Locus' UI.

Right now I don't have much feedback as the app is already fantastic. But in the beginning of April I am going on vacation to Turkey where I want to hike on the Lycian way, a 500 km long world famous trekking route.

I am sure I will have some feedback for your when I come back !

Thanks for such a marvellous app!