add custom kml attribute fields

Started by strating, March 01, 2013, 15:23:14

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I would like tuse Locus for surveying or inspecting geographical objects like lamppost for example. I have a GIS map with attribute data. I can save this map as KML file and import it in Locus. So fa so good. But, all the attribute fields are shown as xml in the description field. It's quitte difficult to edit that information. My question is if it's possible to add custom fields to a category. For example, for a lamppost I would like to add 'type', 'color', 'material', 'height', those kind of things. If possible, that would be great.


hello Strating,
  usually I would forward you to, where is main source for ideas etc. Anyway in this case it's not needed. I'm currently working on improvements of tracks and it's render styles. Improvement in Points will come soon and I really want to add better support for all possible metadata. Meanwhile, you may vote for this idea, which is quite similar, isn't it? ... for_xforms
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thanks menion, the idea you refer to is exactly what I'm looking for. I voted for it. There's a lot of apps that let you capture data in the field, but most of them use forms only. I know ony two that include a map: and, but they have pricing plans, which is fine if you are company.