Selecting voice in guiding mode

Started by alf, February 27, 2013, 12:37:11

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In navigation mode it is possible to select one of the voices obtained through one of the topics of the knowledge base.
This works very well in navigation mode.

In guiding mode, I could not find a way to select one of these voices. I am stuck with the only option, text to speach.
Even if in the navigation setting an other voice is selected, I get the "text to speach" voice in guiding mode.
It is also the only option that appears in in the guiding settings.

Am I missing something, or is this a feature ?
In the last case it could be nice to have access to the same voices in guiding mode and in navigation mode, with for example a "choose voice" option available in the "notification settings" of the guiding settings.

Thanks and regards.


Hello alf,
  if you look into downloaded files you use as voices for navigation, you'll see that it contain only limited number of mp3 files. This mean, that I'm not able to define own text I need to say. If I use text-to-speed, it allow to define whatever text and TTS engine say it. So I may define text "300 metres and then say hello" and TTS engine say this. Custom zip (mp3) voices no. That's reason for guiding supports only TTS
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Thanks for the answer.