Merging tracks

Started by HTWB, February 24, 2013, 18:32:07

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to quote an older post from Svartbjorn

What about the following implementation:
- manually create the missing tracks using the existing track creation tool
- in the Tasks list: check the box for the tracks you want to merge.
- then a new command at the bottom: "Merge".

I have created a missing track, checked the box for the two tracks I want to merge. Clicked on 'merge tracks', settings 'merge with gaps' ticked,'delete original tracks' not ticked, clicked 'Yes"and  got a message 'Action successful'. I now want to export this new merged track- but where has it gone??


Sorry, found it OK.
However ,the sum of the two separate tracks was 11.7km whereas the merged track is 20.0km ??

Whoops another mistake by me. Problem solved


ah so problem was not in Locus merging system in the end?? Or something was not clear on first sight?
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