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Started by bbairagee, February 23, 2013, 22:50:11

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Coming May, I am going to Portugal (Lisbon and Tomar) for a holiday. Does anyone know which map is good for hiking/ walking in Portugal country-side Is there any details map out there like GB OS map? I checked all the online map from the locus but did not find any GB OS like map. Any help will be appriciated.


Don't know if osm vector map for Portugal has the level of detail you need but check and tell us.
You canfind it either in Locus shop orsearch web for mapsforge vector map portugal.


You can try to fetch maps from Portugal with MOBAC as "Rmaps SQlite"
Within the zip are different "mapsources" for Mobac, unzip it and copy the .xml to Mobac/mapsources.
The maps of Portugal are very "special", they do not cover the whole country !?
For example with the mapsource "PT" the area of Tomar is visible but not Lisabon!
First time start MOBAC, select for example "OSM" and navigate to Portugal, now chose a mapsource of Portugal, try different zoomlevels and for the first example select a small area
Good luck and nice holiday
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Thank you very much  Balloni55 for the help. I have downloaded Portugal Map using MOBAC and your provided map link. It looks more details than vector maps and any other source out there specially for outdoor actvities. If anyone has symbols of Portugal map, it could be very helpful to me to read the map more accurately.