Problem with one WMS layer

Started by Andrew_poland, February 23, 2013, 13:37:29

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I have small problem with add WMS from WMS server.
"" after write it into locus pro I get the return that everything is ok and I can choose few layers but if I choose any layer from this server WMS and zoom the area of this layer the program returns me "connection filed".

with server "" all works fine.

I'm from wloclawek and I used that app to find specify positions form layer "dzialki' and go there directly.


Hello Andrew,
  are you sure this map works correctly?

If you insert this map into Locus, it try from
download XML file with description of map. This is done correctly. In this XML is anyway URL to WMS server and in this map, url is
which result to URL on map tile like
which ends on Unable to resolve host "SERWER-WMS": No address associated with hostname
So I'm not sure if map definition is OK and if it is, then I currently have no idea how to handle with this map. Any ideas from your side?
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This WMS layer "" works correctly in two another windows programs (C:geo and Geoxa Viewer). When you write exactly: after that you will see menu to choose with layer you want and after that in that's programs you will see all layers you want. That same situation is with serwer WMS : and and a those three serwers works correctly in locus PRO when I choose numer of part terrain the program navigate me to the target but serwer WMS loads in locus pro correctly and show menu all available layer when you choose any layer on the map you will see only "connection failed". So I think that problem is with the program locus pro. My main job is designing power grids and often I have to get to a distant land in an unknown territory on which stands the pole with a transformer. This program allows you to load the layer numbers of parcels and reach them without any problems. Most of my work exactly in the area and just Wloclawek this server have problems. Why do not you try to load the "" and then "" and you will see that the problem works for Radziejow and does not work for Wloclawek.


Quote from: "Andrew_poland"Why do not you try to load the "" and then "" and you will see that the problem works for Radziejow and does not work for Wloclawek.

I tried to load both for Danzig: wloclawek = connection failure. radziejow = does not exists. Where/how can I test it. Coordinates? Zoomlevel?
And must you perhaps use for "wloclawek"  a password?
Regards J.