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Started by Menion, February 19, 2013, 13:30:33

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Hi menion,
does Locus do some new tasks in the background during track recording since 2.9.2.x?

With the versions <2.9.2 I had after my usual winter tours with 2.5 hours always a battery level of 60%.
Since the battery goes down to 30-40% :-(
With BetterBatteryStats I see under partial wakelocks only Locus Free with 76%, all other apps are under 1%.
I have nothing changed , no new ROM, no new settings in Locus and the display is always off.

Where can I search for the cause?
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hmm weird, nothing has changed in this version. GPS itself hold "wake-lock" so it's not nothing weird that you see 76% value, but 60% of the battery after 2.5 hours is little bit too much ...
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