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Started by swede428, February 14, 2013, 09:16:31

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Newbie went wrong somewhere,
I have a Motorola Razr Maxx with 4.0 ICS OS (Verizon), I am looking to use Locus for snowmobiling and have downloaded
gpx files from Michigan Dept Natural Resources trail maps. I have installed them as GPX, KML, and KMZ. They appear under data (as Map, and map item), and seem to load.
I can not figure out how to make them display (show the routes on the map). I used a converter to convert the GPX file to the other two types, and have tried it that way.
I currently have the free addition to access if it will work with the files provided my MI DNR. Here is a link to the map I got the .gpx file from, not sure where I went wrong. With in the map, that is a PDF you click the little tower icon to get the gpx info ... mobile.pdf

Any help is appreciated


Hello Sweden,
  I took your GPX file, put it into Locus/mapItems, in Locus "Data", tab "Items" I tapped on this GPX file and voala - around 300 tracks imported. Then for my surprise map was not moved on location of tracks. Nevermind, moved manually on desired location and again for a surprise, no tracks there :)

As I'm looking into GPX file, there are coordinates like

<trkpt lat="458475.71120647" lon="503170.6016346">

which mean, that they're probably in any custom coordiante system. Common coordinates are for lat -90 > +90 and for lon -180 > 180, so these are really incorrect. Isn't there any possibility to get these data in basic world coordinates?
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Well, thanks, I am glad to know what the problem is. The issue is the State of Michigan is most likely a bit hard to communicate with. As I said I am
a newbie. Are those type files, something a Garmin, or TomTom type dedicated device would use. I am curious if they have already had a report of this.
I will see if there is a way to contact the DNR. Thanks for running the files on your system and figuring out the problem.

I found this and looked for a converter. The converter wants to know what device it was obtained from. gpsbabel does anyway.
I read that some person believes this is from a Garmin Etrex. Here is what i found out about. Anybody recognize this and know where there is a converter??

Thanks for any help

<trkpt> Trackpoint

    Optional Required Information:
    <lat> Latitude of the trackpoint.
    <lon> Longitude of the trackpoint.

    Optional Position Information:
    <ele> Elevation of the trackpoint.
    <time> Creation date/time of the trackpoint
    <magvar> Magnetic variation of the trackpoint
    <geoidheight> Geoid height of the trackpoint

    Optional Description Information:
    <name> GPS waypoint name of the trackpoint
    <cmt> GPS comment of the trackpoint
    <desc> Descriptive description of the trackpoint
    <src> Source of the trackpoint data
    <url> URL associated with the trackpoint
    <urlname> Text to display on the <url> hyperlink
    <sym> trackpoint symbol
    <type> Type (category) of trackpoint


about your pdf
testing all 4 gpx files: -> (view clip)

lp_3.gpx -> 218 tracks -> wrong fileformat - not a standard gpx
lp_19.gpx -> 12 points and 21 tracks - looks ok at the first view...
lp_312.gpx -> 1 tack - looks ok at the first view...
lp_320.gpx -> 8 tracks - looks ok at the first view...

strange file format...