Profile graph for speed and elevation ?

Started by cseu, March 05, 2011, 04:16:02

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Ok Menion after this one i'll let you breathe... i promise ;-)

So here it goes, even if the subject is pretty self explanatory... What do you think about having a couple of graphs showing elevation/speed profile related to distance/time of your currently recording track ? (or any track that holds time and elevation information).
Have you thought about this ? Do you consider it feasible ? Tell me what you think.


hmm, this whole think about track recording has one problem. Track recording is by me only some bonus function in Locus. Another screen with track recording stats or graphs takes some time to create and I prefer give this time into maps or some extensions of maps. What you think about this ... I'll look again on integration of My Tracks. You can actually display My Tracks tracks on locus map. It's already possible. When I do some more, like ability to record and manage tracks directly from Locus, will it be enough?
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About MyTracks, well i have it installed and to be honest i've never really explored that possibility, for two reasons mainly :
First it is ugly, i'm getting hives just looking at it... programs like Locus are so neat and clean that makes you wanna use it, explore it, check for every setting and remote menus... apps like MyTracks just wanna make you close it and delete it... But then again, if it does the job, why not... i will try to explore the possibilities this week end.
The second reason is that when using the phone for hiking, when it will be a long time without charge, you want to keep the screen on a minimum of time to extend battery life and have the fewer running processes as possible, without having to switch from one to another...
Anyway i understand your position. For me this functionality would be useful but not essential though, it's just an added value when you go hiking... if it takes too much time to implement it's something we can definitely forget about. For now we can leave it that way, and see what the other users think about that.


I would really appreciate that too.. :-)