GPX export behavior

Started by dieterblase, January 31, 2013, 23:06:53

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Hi all,
I want to export my geocaches to gpx and have two strange observations:
* During export the "updating cache" window appears again and again. Probably I have some wrong setting? I don't understand why I need to download additional things when I just want to export what is on the smartphone...
* The child waypoints seem to be stored within the gpx like normal waypoints, at least when I import them to gsak (with the settings to import childs as childs) the child waypoints appear like normal waypoints. Maybe also a wrong export setting be me?  


  hmm step 1 is clear for me. You use Geocaching4Locus for storing caches in Locus. But you use just "Basic info only" in it's settings. This cause that G4L download really only basic information (like type, coordinates, name) into Locus and only! when you need it, it download from web additional data. And it's this case. If you want to export caches, Locus firstly download additional data over G4L add-on and then finally export them

  and about second - there is no settings about this. I'm sure many users import exported GPX files back to GSAK and I never heart about problem here, anyway I don't use this so I don't know. Maybe someone other?
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