Storing of offline maps to EXTRENAL micro sd card

Started by Sawuwaya, January 31, 2013, 09:05:21

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I have looked and looked throughout your free version of Locus and I have not been able to find any way to store offline maps and other user files onto my external SD card. There is not a way to globally set the system default SD card to the external one. When I had my HTC EVO 4G there was one. Now that I have a phone that houses 16GB (10GB for Working Memory; 2GB for the "sdcard0" [their name not mine]; and 2GB for the Android System) of internal memory I guess there seemed no rhyme or reason to allot the user to choose where they wanted to have their user files stored; internally or externally. Why?  I have not a single clue. My Sprint phone is not rooted (and I do not wish it to be at this time), but it is most likely that I could change that little issue globally if it was. But my needs do not warrant it at this time.

I mainly want to use this program so that I can replicate walking / biking Rail Trails that spider all throughout Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, etc., here in New England (USA). I have noticed that the offline maps take 6GB of internal memory, which would be fine if I did want to use the phone for other purposes.  ;)  

 :?: Now can I manually move those offline maps and have the map, itself, "auto find" them on my external 32GB mSD card? Because I noticed that the Android JellyBean version 4.1.1 also (or the app did) created a Lotus directory on the external mSD card.


 :?: IF NOT...when will you have the availability to offer the availability to store offline maps and other user files before downloading the offline maps?


 :?: Is it better to use offline mapping for recreating Rail Trail routes and other such "unconventional" biking, walking, hiking trails rather than just relying upon GMaps or other online maps and mapping programs and applications?

 :?: Will the waypoints I create appear any better or worse on an online map versus an offline map?
 :?: I am thinking that offline mapping is better for convenience, yes?

Thanks for your time...


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have you seen this: ... _with_maps

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