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Started by jusc, January 28, 2013, 13:39:08

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Dear jusc and john_percy,

this stream is completly visible in the forest (except some small bridges). In the city, the are some parts, where the stream is covered. I'am not an expert for OSM, but I can make some minor changes with JOSM. Does it mean, that the layer should be set to layer=0 or layer=1 (in the forest)? And similar for other streams in the neighborhood?

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I´m not an OSM profi, but you can read the discussion (in German) here: http://forum.openstreetmap.org/viewtopi ... =17399&p=1
Regards J.



yesterday I looked into sachsen.osm. Almost all streams and drains have layer=-1, some in addition with tunnel=yes, culvert=yes or covered=yes. That means, almost all waterways have the wrong layer.

In my local sachsen.osm, I removed the layer=-1 for all waterways without tunnel=yes, culvert=yes or covered=yes (Aprox. 2500).Then I generated a new sachsen.map (with an render-style, which includes railways=miniature). Now, all seems to be correct at least in a neighborhood of Dresden. However, I cannot remove "layer=-1" on the osm-database.

In the discussion citated avove by jusc, there is clear position to tag waterways nomally without layer or with layer=0, except they are really in the underground.


:mrgreen:  just seen, click on the screenshot for better view.
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Quote from: "voldapet"No doubt we have problem with rendering ways with Layer<0.   There is internal logic in Mapsforge that print ways in order of Layer tag. I guess that Christian move all tunnels to the base layer ...maybe we can do the same thing.
The issue with Milton Keynes is little bit different. The last vector UK map contains special blue polygon which is placed under lands polygons (it should solve "white sea" issue).  Unfortunately missing ways are rendered under this sea polygon...strange. For new generation I'll have to change the layer attribute for mentioned sea polygon.

Hi Peter,

You are right, I set land/sea both to level=-5 so there is no problem with other OSM Data.
The tunnel+highway layers are set to +1 ("0" is not enough), however it could be set to +5 because these tunnels are rendered as seperate style in the theme.

<name>Adjust tunnel Layers</name>
<description>Adjust tunnel Layers</description>
<match type="way" mode="or">
<tag k="highway" v=".*"/>
<tag k="tunnel" v="yes"/>
<!--tag k="layer" v=".*"/-->
<tag k="railway" v=".*"/>
<tag k="tunnel" v="yes"/>
<!--tag k="layer" v=".*"/-->
<tag k="layer" v="1"/>
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Update 2013/04/06

I have changed a few things in my Volatile themes. Now there are 5 Volatile themes.
I made some small updates for the Volatile bundle. There are no significant changes inside the themes, but now you can use the 5 Volatile themes with the Freizeitkarte (http://www.easyclasspage.de/maps/seite-2.html) too.

Go to first post viewtopic.php?f=40&t=2820#p18578
Regards J.


Thanks to kech61, who implemented some cycle barriers in his OpenAndromaps for Europe (http://www.openandromaps.org/germany-un ... lettkarten). So I had to make a small update in the Volatile themes.  :mrgreen:
You will find these symbols in version2.1 in first post: viewtopic.php?f=40&t=2820#p18578
Click on this screen for better view.


This update is a complete version, but much smaller as older versions. In the theme directories exists only one xml file. All used symbols and patterns are now only once in the Volatile directory for all themes.
Regards J.



on http://www.sjjb.co.uk/mapicons/contactsheet#barrier there are some good looking icons.


Sorry, this time in german...

Ich habe mal ein Iconset passend aus den SJJB zusammengestellt.

Dazu habe ich die ungenutzten Dateien vorher gelöscht. Bei dir sind einige drin die nicht benutzt werden.
Übrigens sind chairlift2 und cablecar bei Dir gekippt.
Einiges in den patterns ist in Wirklichkeit in dem symbols Ordner.

Ich habe in der Regel die Standardfarben und die glow Version in 24 Pixel von http://www.sjjb.co.uk/mapicons/contactsheet#shopping genutzt.
Bei 2 habe ich die Icons von http://mapicons.nicolasmollet.com genommen. Dabei die Custom in dem passenden Color ohne den Rändern.
Bei 2 habe ich die bestehenden Dateien genommen und nur die Farbe geändert, damit sie zu den Standardfarben von SJJB passen.
Die chain habe ich aus der cyclebarrier von SJJB gebastelt.
Ich habe bei den Barriers die rote Version genommen, weil ich denke es ist wichtig, dass man die auf der Karte sieht. Die grauen sind zu unscheinbar.

Unveränderte Icons:

http://www.brotbuexe.de/stuff/Volatile_changedicons.zip extract over the existing set.



first issues: peak icon is a little big, and the woods should be just a little more transparent.


Thanks for the hints for the icon galleries. Realy usefull, I´ll try to implement them in next version.
Red barriers in a cyclemap, that makes sense, if the map and this style is really used with cycling. But at the other side, I personally like it a bit more natural, or in other words, as it is in reallity. And  I can´t imagine, that there are pink cycle barriers in Dresden.  :)

Peak icons to big. Ok I mostly test an compare it with a phablet, there it seems to be ok. But I see the problem with smaller displays.
Woods more transparent. Do you have a suggestion?

the theme is free for use, so feel free to change or adjust it for your own. And feel also free do post your suggestions.
Regards J.


with issues I meant my version. I used 24px icons for the peak/vulcan and that was little too big.

v2: smaller peak icons (12px) and made the wood patterns more transparent: http://www.brotbuexe.de/stuff/Volatile_ ... ons_v2.zip


Thank you for the icon pack I´ll going to test it at weekend.
I thought about your suggestion to use red barriers for cyclists and using SVG. Good idea  :idea:  And thanks to menion and voldapet to implement this.
So here we go:
I created some simple barrier SVGs with Inkscape. (http://inkscape.org/download/?lang=de) Put them into /Volatile/symbols/
They appear in this case at zoom level 17. Gates later in 18, because I found a lot of gates in cities, most used to "declare" as "fences for private" ground. In my eyes they are not really cycle barriers. But everybody can change it for his own.

So, if sombody has some time to test it, please let me know, how it works and tell me which phone type was used, or even better make a screenshot.  :mrgreen:
Please play a bit with these parameters: "scale="0.5" scale-icon-size="17,1.2"", if necessary.

So my here is my first try to implement:
       <!-- barrier -->
        <rule e="node" k="barrier" v="bollard" zoom-min="17">
            <symbol src="file:../Volatile/symbols/bollard.svg" scale="0.5" scale-icon-size="17,1.2" />
<rule e="node" k="barrier" v="cycle_barrier" zoom-min="17">
            <symbol src="file:../Volatile/symbols/cycle_barrier.svg" scale="0.5" scale-icon-size="17,1.2" />
<rule e="node" k="barrier" v="gate" zoom-min="18">
            <symbol src="file:../Volatile/symbols/gate.svg" scale="0.75" scale-icon-size="17,1.2" />
<rule e="node" k="barrier" v="lift_gate" zoom-min="17" >
            <symbol src="file:../Volatile/symbols/lift_gate.svg" scale="0.6" scale-icon-size="17,1.2" />
<rule e="node" k="barrier" v="chain" zoom-min="15">
            <symbol src="file:../Volatile/symbols/chain.png" />

click on the screen for better view
Regards J.


Is this problem with the corners of cycle routes fixable?



I think I found a solution for this. I will fix it in the next version of the bundle.
Thanks for your hint.
Regards J.


Hi jusc,

I just installed the volatile-themes but I have difficulties starting it.
When I switch from another theme (such as andromaps_hc) to volatile_hike the map the app is loading and loading and loading ...
and the map is not seen.
When I switch back everything is fine.
Do I have to change something, is there a problem installing the themes?

I also tried your V_Scene-themes but the problems are the same.

Thanks for any hint and support.