WMS - "Unknown Problem"

Started by Scarthie, January 27, 2013, 15:40:52

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I'm trying to view the "Persistent Green Vegetation Cover" from the WMS feed here:
http://geo-auscover.rhcloud.com/ows?ser ... pabilities
But all I get are tiles with "Unknown Problem"
This seems to work in Google Earth and as WMS in QGIS but just wondering if anyone has any tips for getting WMS feeds running on Locus.


1. Choose Australia with a map of your choice
2. Choose the Online Blank Map light (but be sure to are in Australia further)

3. Add http://geo-auscover.rhcloud.com:80/wms? as new WMS Map by tapping the + symbol (second from right on top menu)

it takes a few seconds!!

4. After that, tap on the tools and choose the layer, They should be marked all
5. Tap on GeoServer Web..... once more and wait for the server a short time

and you should get this:
Regards J.