Display Motorway junction

Started by forlax_12, December 20, 2012, 13:05:52

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I would like display the mototway junction icon in the vector map.
So i added the following statement (in bold) in the xml theme

<rule e="node" k="*" v="*">
       <rule e="node" k="highway" v="*">      
           <rule e="node" k="highway" v="motorway_junction" zoom-min="14">
                        <symbol src="file:/symbols/motorway_exit.png" />


and i put the motorway_exit.png file in the right directory.

But it seem that it doesn't display what i want.

Do have i idea ??


Your xml theme definition is OK, but information about motorway_junction is not in map file at all.  For this reason it cannot be rendered.
We are planning to release new version of vector map which will contain also information about junctions (probably in January).
Please note: I'm talking about maps from Locus store.


I have a question :
The mapsforg plugin for OSMOSIS desn't include junction information in the map file ?


Mapsforge plugin has configuration xml file tag-mapping.xml where is written which OSM elements will be placed into generated *.map file.
See link: //http://code.google.com/p/mapsforge/wiki/GettingStartedMapWriter#Defining_a_Custom_Tag_Mapping_via_XML
In this case you need to add :
<osm-tag key="highway" value="motorway_junction" zoom-appear="12" />