you can download offline address data here

Started by Ben303, December 18, 2012, 19:52:35

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You can download the Geocoding / Geonames data from an open source website:


I read that google uses the same data for address searches.

PLEASE make Locus Pro have the abilty to download these files and have offline address search!!!

It shouldn't be too difficult should it?


QuoteI read that google uses the same data for address searches.

That's the joke of the year. On the addresses I tried it worked on a city(!) level (meaning it was pointing at the city's center, not anywhere near my street)! Making an address database is a multi-billion dollar project, not something anyone would open source anytime soon.


well then why is it possibe with this app?

it is NOT a multi billion dollar app. It is open source.


try it for yourself


zsero probably do not complain about ability to search offline. This is feature available in many projects. It was more about fact, that google use same source of data which is not possible, because google address database have to be much much more precise and complex, then data from OSM project

anyway address search is discuss in another topic viewtopic.php?f=10&t=1893, so it's not necessary to continue here. Anyway offline address search is highly wanted feature and it's only matter of time
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