Spoiler in Locus & Waypoint Projection

Started by ht81, February 25, 2011, 20:29:22

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It's working fine on a Galaxy S2 2.3.3. Will test that on an Honeycomb tablet at home.

Quote from: "menion"let me know, what else is "needed"
While you're at it...
Quote from: "kerenoc"It would also be great if that Locus popup windows was available once in the cache description tabs (in the companion application). For example, to go smoothlessly  from the waypoint list to a cache description then to the cache location on the map.
What about a menu item to go directly to the map view centered on the cache, in the menu where one can choose either compass, guidance activation or navigation?

Anyhow many thanks for the great and quick support! I'm really glad I went for the pro version!


The spoiler modification is working fine on an Asus Transformer tablet and an HTC Desire phone. Thanks


perfect, thanks for reporting. Hope this someone else find useful. About new icon in bottom bar, I'm not sure if this is so useful ... I'll think about it later but don't count much with it
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Very good feature. It worked perfectly for me.


Finally I have a reason to test this function. And it works perfect!!!!! :D  :D  :D  :D
Great job Menion.



One small thing about this function:
When clicking a spoiler image in from the loaded HTML it is shown correctly, but when clicking the BACK button afterwards, a white screen appears.
I can only reset this by re-opening the cache listing.

Aditional: When clicking on a spoiler image in the html, I would prefer the picture to be opened by SYSTEM.

Is this something you can fix or implement?