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Started by Bob Denny, November 24, 2012, 02:31:24

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Bob Denny

I have made many maps using MOBAC and for ??? reason they do not have [info]:[center_x] and [info]:[center_y] info. This would not normally matter, but the "quick switch" button uses this info to tell which maps are "nearby", and that's a feature that is important to me. So I have manually tried to get the map center set as best I can. The options available in Locus Pro under Personal Maps toolbox icon "Set Center" include several ways to set the map center, including Map Center. The others aren't at all useful. Map Center is only somewhat useful, and difficult to use. What I need is to set the center of the map based on the highest zoom tiles that are in the database. This is tricky with pinch zooming and panning the map because the coverage changes for each zoom level! Getting the map centered on the coverage of the highest zoom tiles is difficult. Am I missing something? If not, then consider this a feature request: Set Center" - "Center of Coverage"

Bob Denny

Also reposting this, which is a major inconvenience when making maps with MOBAC. Did you see my article Using MOBAC for offline maps - finer points?


Hi Bob,
  you don't miss anything. This feature is generally "bad". I already many times discuss this with one use "joeloc" and may only confirm, that this way for selecting maps, isn't perfect and should be somehow "more automated". For now, there is no better way then this one you use.

 Just one info. When you add new map from mobac into locus, that you may notice that Locus do some "initialization". One part of this is setting of this map center, so there should generally be no reason to change this value except fact, you have really huge maps that do not appear in quick switch list

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Bob Denny

menion -- Really? If I only knew! I thought I had looked at the .sqlite files after Locus initalized them. My problem was that Locus shows all the WRONG maps as "nearby". I then started looking for "why"? That is how I learned what I posted. I am not so sure that Locus looks at the maps, calculates the center, then writes that back to the .sqlite data file. See this viewtopic.php?f=21&t=2665 for what I discovered. All I want is for a way to have the center_x and center_y values be the correct center coordinates of the maps data in that .sqlite file. I did not see this, and so Locus was showing me the wrong maps when I used the little button in the top-left corner (fast switch maps).