Readability: pop up screen too dark grey

Started by Henk van der Spek, November 23, 2012, 10:46:04

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Henk van der Spek

On my phone it is actually worse then shown in the attachment. Can we please have a lighter grey here?
Motorola G82 5G 6/128 Android 13 and Motorola Moto G73 5G 8/256 Android 13


hi. this is more problem of your device then Locus. Aren't you using some atypical ROM with own skin?

You should see this dark spinners in other system apps as well. They'll anyway have probably white texts. To make it clear - android by default offer two themes. Dark (used by default - white texts on black) and Light (optional - opposite to dark). Locus use light theme and as I discovered during an development, light theme sometimes cause troubles.

So let me please know, what ROM are you using. If you use original ROM, I'll try to do something with it (it will probably need some more work so I cannot promise, it will be quick)
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i know this problem
My tablet with Android 3.x had the same problem (with other apps too)
The best solution is to update to ICS (if its possible)

Henk van der Spek

1. Bone stock Android 2.2 (since a week but I had this also with Android 2.1)
2. No higher upgrade possible for a Defy
3. It seems better elsewhere see attachment Parking

In Parking the active buttons are deeper grey, close to black with white text (Like the "set" button). MapCenter is in a lighter grey not active field.

In the import/export screens the darker grey bar with black text like "Category field name" is active as is the little white triangle next to it.

This does not seem consistent.

As you can see in the system screen Battery stats only the lowest bar is darker and not active.
Motorola G82 5G 6/128 Android 13 and Motorola Moto G73 5G 8/256 Android 13


Quote from: "Henk van der Spek"2. No higher upgrade possible for a Defy

Sorry for Offtopic, BUT:

Jelly Bean for Moto Defy:

Don't forget to backup  :!:
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Henk van der Spek

Thanks Berkley but I prefer official ROM's.

Within Locus do you see the same greytone differences?
Motorola G82 5G 6/128 Android 13 and Motorola Moto G73 5G 8/256 Android 13


On Defy with 4.0.4 Locus looks like:
Regards J.